The Fine Art of Melissa Nyveld

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From rural Quebec, Melissa Kristine Nyveld is an artist, exploring the many ways to express herself creatively through art.  Melissa grew up in the country, where there has always been an abundant supply of inspiration from the natural world.  She learned the power of artistic expression at a young age through study at Pontiac Protestant High School’s excellent senior fine arts program under the guidance of prolific artist, Carol Bretzloff-Holmes. She continued academic coursework in the arts at John Abbott College, in St. Anne-de-Bellevue.  While Melissa no longer pursues a full time career in the arts, she continues to study artistic expression as opportunities for coursework avail themselves.  She currently works as an educational consultant for children with autism, and she is also pursuing graduate studies in psychology on a part time basis.  It is her artistic and creative pursuits that ground her amid such a hectic schedule.

Melissa’s subject matter examines quiet, pensive moments – whether human, animal, or abstract.  Her paintings encourage the viewer to step inside the moment to pause and simply be.  Her craft work – either with handmade bath & body products, crochet and spinning her own yarn, simple jewelry making, printmaking, or other creative outlets – also provides a certain simplicity and creates a calmer mindset for both creator and viewer.


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