Stirring the Crafty Juices

Oct 22 blog

Sometimes I need to mix up the creative things I do to gain a different perspective in order to finish work on an art project.  I’m currently working on a piece for my Constellation Series; however, coming home tonight I felt a little depleted of creative energies.  I decided to do one of my quick but favourite crafts: soap making.

I suppose one could say I’m self-taught in the art of soap making.  I’ve done a bit of trial and error, and have developed a recipe that I love.  Pictured above is my Calendula Soap.  I grew calendula flowers this year, and made oil from their blossoms.  Calendula is so incredibly good for the skin.  I have a salve made with it and it heals cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes and the like in scant days.  While this soap is made with what some may call the “sissy method” – I don’t use lye, but prefer to buy premade melt-and-pour blocks of soap and put in my additives according to how I like it – it’s the best soap I’ve found yet!

I find the simple activity of mixing the oil, the dried petals, the melting soap base, such a meditative act.  And it’s creative therapy that lifts me back onto the path of being a maker again, and that sets me right with the mindset that I need to have in order to paint.  And that’s where I need to be.


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