Tangoing with Pastels

Oct 23 Blog

I’m at the beginning of a new Constellation painting: Perseus & Andromeda.  I see them as dancing an Argentine Tango.  Sharp, controlled, sexy.  I like that the subjects in my paintings – when people – have an unreadable expression.  It’s impossible to tell what they’re thinking, so it’s up to the viewer to interpret.  It means there’s a sort of silent partner in this dance.

I always block my colours in this way, then blend.  Sometimes I’ll put in some detail to give myself a direction – but according to highly academic pastel artists, this is methodologically incorrect.  Unfortunately, it’s a rule I have to break.  I need to place some detail to act as an anchor.  Oftentimes I’ll go back and change it, but it gives me a starting point.  And we all need to start somewhere.


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