Creative A.D.D.

crochet cacti

In January of this year, I taught myself to crochet.  I had some vague notions of how, and had made minor attempts before, but I decided that I was going to pick up the craft with seriousness.  One of my dear friends works at a yarn boutique in Ottawa, Ontario, and I made my first very expensive yarn purchase and followed some online videos to successfully knit myself a cowl.

I use crochet to reward myself for, or distract myself from, painting.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I spent the evening making soap in order to get some creativity stirring.  Last night, I finished crocheting these little cacti for a friend, knowing that today I was going to be working hard on a painting.  Maybe I have a sort of creative attention deficit disorder, and can only focus on one creative endeavour for only a particular length of time before having to switch things up.

It makes sense, in a way, doesn’t it?  I know so many artists and makers who can dedicate themselves to creating beautiful pottery, or lovely jewelry, or gorgeous fused glass.  But I like doing all three and why should I choose?  Why can’t I dabble in a little bit of everything – hopping from lily pad to lily pad – making each pond a little lovelier with a different craft, a different medium, each time.


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