Art is Fluid

oct 29 blog

I love going through vintage children’s books for papers to use in print making and multimedia.  I found a Golden Book Encyclopedia from the 1950s with some terrific illustrations for my constellation theme.

I started off with my silhouette painted in India ink.  I was going to leave it as is but the more I watched the painting, the more it spoke to me.  It wanted more.

So I took out some embroidery floss and created some French knots in the paper to act as stars.  I’ve never done embroidery on paper before, but I’ve always wanted to try it.   I enjoy regular embroidery on cloth so why not spread my wings a little?

Art is fluid – changing.  The piece started out simple, and I may have been content to leave it so.  Perhaps on another piece, I may be more minimal.  One thing I’m learning as an emerging artist is that I have to listen to my intuition when it speaks.  It’s usually right.


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