Trading Ghost Stories

oct 30 blog

I spent the evening working on my Artist Trading Cards.  I haven’t participated in our local group’s monthly trades in a while – my schedule just hasn’t relented – but I made a conscious effort this evening to go through some of my materials and put some work together.  It only took a few hours and was a great creative energizer.  I have some new ideas for my other works in progress.

Artist Trading Cards are small works on paper.  They are only 3×4″ big.  The size restriction causes you to really plot out what you’re doing.  A friend of mine who is always used to working big says that this is a challenge for her.  The work I’m currently doing is on the small side at only 8×10″ so I’m a little more accustomed to the restrictive nature of it.

I also take a mixed media approach to this project, and it’s very similar to my last entry about using vintage children’s books and illustrations.  For these cards, I used pen and ink illustrations from a vintage book of Adventure Stories for Girls from 1955.  Reading through the stories is hilarious – and a little nostalgic.  I sometimes wish we could all be that naive again.  Inside I found some of the most perfect illustrations for the spooky Hallowe’en theme.  I added some of my own illustrations in coloured marker, and gave the cards cheeky titles, like: “What’s That MacBeth Recipe Again?”

Hallowe’en is simply my favourite holiday of the year.  Pumpkins, cats, witches, bats… seriously creativity just waiting to be had!


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