Why So Cranky?

I finished “Virgo” last night (for the complete painting, please see Under the Constellations) and noticed something about my cat painting career. Every time I paint a cat, it usually looks cranky. Now, maybe you’d look cranky too if some lady had her hand around your neck.

I tried painting a group of barn cats once before in acrylic, but every one of them looked as though they ate a bad mouse and had indigestion.  I covered up that old canvas with a garden scene. Much better. I painted the backside of my mother’s cat, staring up at a bird – he generally looks unimpressed, so one could say I nailed that one.

I love cats. Some would even venture to say that I’m a crazy cat lady, and I’m actually ok with that moniker. There really is only one possible solution to this problem: practice more cat painting.


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