Ravenswing Art + Music

I spent a crazy hot day in Minto park with over 70+ other vendors, musicians, and neighbours having an absolute blast.  It completely reinforced that the Ottawa Arts Community is exactly that – a true community.  They really work to bring everyone up, collaborate, trade, and encourage.  It was fantastic.

I got to make a wonderful trade with another artist for her beautiful watercolour prints – she loved my Ursa Major / Ursa Minor print – and now we’re Instagram chums.  I finally got to meet an artist in person whom I’ve been admiring from afar.  It was so lovely.  And best of all – I got to spend the whole day with my fantastic neighbour.  You can’t get that kind of friendship just anywhere.  It was truly an amazing day, and so worth the heat.


Cards for Sale

I had these printed up this afternoon after finishing the “aunt” card this morning.  There’s a limited quantity, so for anyone coming to get one at the market – best show up early. The doors open at 10am.