Commission This

I finished this piece today while keeping my booth at the Annual Canada Day Flea Market, in Shawville, QC.  I thought by setting up my easel and working away while customers browsed my table would be a great way to generate interest in my work – boy was I ever right!  I had so many compliments on the work in progress, and questions about potential commissions.  

The little mad spark of an idea behind this was to let people see that art like mine is a process. It’s layers of colour, blending, more layers, more blending, and finally those precise little details: a dash of white to highlight the head, dots of brown to give depth the the grassy foreground, smudges of yellow to texture the bricks. It was a little mad spark that said, “give people something to connect back to,” so that when they buy a print, or a card, or even a little original, they can reference the moment when they saw creation of another piece of my art.  And maybe they’ll wonder about the moments I spent on their piece.