Bookmarks to Behold

I recently added bookmarks to my product line at I’ve been bringing to art markets – they’ve been a huge success!  I’ve already sold out of two themes: La Llorona, and The Little Rain Man – both of which were successful prints.  I’ve since made packages of note cards with my best selling prints, and hopefully they’ll do well in my upcoming markets, too!


Every Day I’m Hustlin’


The crunch is really on as I’m in the homestretch towards my first craft show.  I’m painting quite prolifically – mostly small sized canvas.  The field of poppies above looks like a huge painting, but it’s only 4×6″ in a small, silver photo frame.

The first show, Big Love Makers Pop Up, is February 6th, at Makerspace North on City Centre Rd, in Ottawa, ON.  It’s hosted by The Freewheeling Curator, and she’s a terrific lady!  At this event there will be the opportunity to get all your valentines made up and put in the mail!  Sweet!  And a raffle for a Le Nordik gift prize!

My second show, the following weekend, is Cut & Paste Indie Craft Market, at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, on Somerset St, also in Ottawa, ON.  It’s hosted by OOAK & Whimsy (OOAK = one of a kind.)  If you go to the Events page on her website, she has made profiles of all her vendors, and you’ll find Atelier Jagerlea there.  There are so many other terrific vendors at this show!  I can’t wait!  There will also be a special raffle with proceeds going to The Well – a support group for women – of donated prizes from vendors at the event.  I’m donating a painting, and am so pleased to be able to contribute.

Hope to see some friendlies at either… or both!

Christmas Commissions


It’s that time of year again, where I usually have more than a few projects put off that need doing. I just finished this 8×10 acrylic portrait of my friends’ children, and I’m pleased with how it turned out, although the youngest child does resemble Yoda just a little.

I had put a lot of energy into getting ready for the art show that I had almost forgotten the two Christmas commissions on my plate this year. I knew, however, that they would be fairy easily done, and so far I’ve been right. I just hope I haven’t jinxed myself for the second one!

Every Muscle Fibre


I spent a few hours this afternoon knife painting the sky.  I had initially laid a flat colour of blue, and had a dark orange horizon line for a sunset, but today I took out the thicker acrylics and palette knives and got done to the very serious business of creating texture.

I have never painted a canvas so large. I have painted a commissioned sign that was larger, but never a painting for my own series.  And to me, this is a huge canvas – 3 by 4 feet! Working the paint onto the canvas with the knife was such a physical task that every fibre of my being felt spent.

I’m still in the early stages of this piece, but I’m already so deeply attached to it, and that’s probably because it has been so laborious to create. I know I have to display it, and I know I may have to sell it.  I makes me wonder how some of the great artists parts with their work.  After labouring over the Mona Lisa for almost a decade, did DaVinci feel as though he was giving away one of his children?