Bookmarks to Behold

I recently added bookmarks to my product line at I’ve been bringing to art markets – they’ve been a huge success!  I’ve already sold out of two themes: La Llorona, and The Little Rain Man – both of which were successful prints.  I’ve since made packages of note cards with my best selling prints, and hopefully they’ll do well in my upcoming markets, too!


Ravenswing Art + Music

I spent a crazy hot day in Minto park with over 70+ other vendors, musicians, and neighbours having an absolute blast.  It completely reinforced that the Ottawa Arts Community is exactly that – a true community.  They really work to bring everyone up, collaborate, trade, and encourage.  It was fantastic.

I got to make a wonderful trade with another artist for her beautiful watercolour prints – she loved my Ursa Major / Ursa Minor print – and now we’re Instagram chums.  I finally got to meet an artist in person whom I’ve been admiring from afar.  It was so lovely.  And best of all – I got to spend the whole day with my fantastic neighbour.  You can’t get that kind of friendship just anywhere.  It was truly an amazing day, and so worth the heat.

Mother’s Day Sketches


I’m working on organizing a Mother’s Day market in Shawville, and as part of my contribution, I’m putting together some cards.  I’ve worked out a preliminary sketch for a “mom” card, and also a “grandma” card.  This is the first time I’ve drawn a cat that didn’t look angry!!

The Real Special

I participated in a craft market this past weekend. The weather wasn’t the most cooperative – it was brutally cold and there were not many out perusing the vendors. I only sold one print: but it was hands-down the most special sale of my art career. 

A family came by, and a girl was looking at my Cowgirl Sunset print. She was going to buy it, until her dad reminded her that it would take all her allowance money. He suggested that she take a look at all the other vendors, and at the end, if she still wanted the picture, she should come back and buy it. An hour later, she returned. 

I think that’s one of the reasons why I love to paint. I love making a scene that resonates with someone else. I love creating connections with people through visual images. I love telling a story with a picture that someone else can pick up and finish it in their own way – with their own words. 

Big Lovin’

Mission Possible! I’m home with my feet up reviewing the success of my first craft market: Big Love Makers Pop Up Market. It was a long day, but I determinedly got there and set up on my own. I learned so much about the process of being a vendor at an event like this: how to display products, what items are more popular, getting my name and information out to the public, and making new contacts. I was also so generously supported by coworkers and sorority sisters! It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again next week 🙂