The Star Flowers

I have a soft pastel painting in progress on my easel. It’s eventually going to become Gemini. But every time I set out to my studio, warm drink in hand, take stance before the painting to take stock of where to go… I just get a million and one creative ideas for other things that I’d like to try out and I have trouble focusing. I’ve decided to follow that strange creative intuition. It led me to create the ‘Children at Night’ set, and tonight, I made this trio.

I’ve used oil pastel before, but never with a true direction in mind.  It was always simple doodling or sketching – the quick stuff.  These were rather quick to make, but it was a fun experience to use oil pastel more purposefully. It won’t ever replace my love of soft pastel – that’s a love affair that’s in it for the long haul – but these simple illustrations are perfect for the media.

I call this trio The Star Flowers.  Left to right, they are Cygnus, the swan, inside a sunflower, Vulpecula, the fox, with foxgloves, and Crux, the Southern Cross, with a cactus.