Last to Cross the Finish Line

I just finished the last of the commissions I needed to complete before Christmas. I still have one more to go but it’s on hiatus until the holidays are over since it’s thankfully not a rush order.  

I’m so pleased with how this turned out, and I love how my painting is becoming more and more intuitive. I used to get so bent out of shape if I made a mistake, or painted a colour where I shouldn’t have. I’m much more trustful of myself – if I feel like putting a colour in a potentially dangerous place, maybe I should go ahead and do it and see what happens.  That’s pretty much my formula for painting clouds: if I’m scared it might not look right, I should just go ahead and do it. Clouds are pretty forgiving anyways.


On Display

So excited to present a portion of my work on display at Café 349, in Shawville, Québec.  The café is such a great supporter of local artists, and this is the third year I am exhibiting at this locale. 


And after an embarrassing amount of paint, and starts and stops, I finally finished the centrepiece of the exhibition: “Under the Constellations.”  I had a certain vision in my head of romance and open sky an while the end product doesn’t quite match the vision, I’ve learned that it’s completely okay to revision the vision.