Watercolour Sketching


I rarely take out my watercolours to sketch.  Last year, for my birthday I received a terrific watercolour sketchbook, and I’ve barely filled a quarter of it.  Since I was already making some labels for some bath salts, I thought I’d make use of the wet paint on the palette and just let my imagination run.

I have a hard time sketching from imagination.  When I was painting, I realized what the problem has always been: perfection.  I always paint or draw from an image right in front of me, and I like it to be perfect.  But this exercise was much more intuitive.  I had nothing to go by.  I just used the colours that were there – violet, blue, Payne’s grey.  I had to make a scene from my imagination, and had to abandon the idea that it HAD to be perfect.

So the picture above is not really what I imagined.  And it’s not the perfection I imagined, either.  But that’s ok.  That’s why it’s practice, and why it’s in a sketchbook.  But I’m sharing it in this post to show everyone the process, and that we all have barriers and hang-ups that can hinder our creativity if we let it.  The trick is to just create anyway.